LFIAA Yang Style Taijiquan “Parting the Horses Mane Moving Step Practice” (Taiji Yema Fenzong Dong Bu Fa).

In the study and practice of the Yang Style (Yangshi) Taijiquan simplified forms, there are many ways a practitioner can practice each individual posture. Each particular posture can be performed from a static, fixed position, or by using a rocking, swaying practice or by using the moving step (Dong Bu) method. The moving step practice is properly the most difficult to perform as the practitioner has to become aware of maintaining their balance, while smoothly transitioning from one side of the body to the opposite.

The Yang Styles Parting the Horses Mane Posture (Yema Fenzong Shi) is one such posture that can be performed as a “Moving Step” practice. Which allows every practitioner to coordinate the actions of the taiji eight energies of Squeezing (Ji), Ward Off (Peng), Rollback (Lu), Pressing (An) and Splitting (Lie) on either side of the body to develop their precision, accuracy, timing, concentration and balance. But more importantly to coordinate their movements, breath and intention to guide & lead their Qi, look and lymph through their entire body to help maintain and improve their health, fitness and wellbeing.

In the practice of Daoist Meditation (Zuo Wang) after The practitioner as sat for a while in meditation. It is best to then to do some moving qigong practice to help maintain the circulation, as if you “Sit” on a regular basis, the Qi and blood can slow down and become stagnant in certain areas of the body. So by practicing some moving qigong exercises like that of the Yang Style Taiji Parting the Horses Mane Moving Step Practice can help to maintain the smooth flow of blood (Xue), lymph (Linba) and Qi (energy) throughout the whole body to help cultivate, nourish and strengthen the bodies health & wellbeing.

Daoist Sitting Meditation mainly opens the “Small Heavenly Circulation”. Whereas, the practice of the Yang Style Taijiquan Moving Step Methods (Dong Bu Fa) opens the Small and Large Heavenly Circulation. By practicing both the “Sitting and Moving Meditation” Methods a practitioner can gradually begin to refine, cultivate and nurture their jing, Qi, Shen to strengthen their health towards living a long life (Chang Ming).

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