LFIAA Li Style (Lishi) Daoist Six Healing Sounds Daoyin Methods. (Lishi Liu Zi Daoyin Fa) For The Lungs.

The Li Style Daoist Six Healing Sound Daoyin Method for the Lungs is the (SSS) sound. This sound can be either vocalised (Loud) to vibrate and cleanse the Lungs of any turbid sickly Qi (Zhuo Qi), or it can be performed non-vocalised (Quiet) to tonify and strengthen the Lungs. Due to the fact that our bodies are made up of 95 percent water the ancient Daoist’s realised that by making certain sounds the molecules inside us could be changed to help maintain and improve our health. By combining these sounds with certain actions of the body, which gently massages the muscles that surround a particular internal organ a practitioner can change the quality of Qi within the organ to help maintain its natural functioning.

Personally, I combine the practice of the Li Style Daoist Six Healing Sounds Daoyin, alongside the Push & Pull Bodywork Massage. Plus I also use them in the practice of the Li Styles Daoist Yoga & Meditation to help individuals relax and calm their mind & body. When a patient comes to my clinic for a treatment I some times ask them to perform one or two of the Six Healing Sounds at home in their own time. For example, if a patient is suffering with Asthma or Chronic Fatigue and their energy levels are low, properly in themselves they are feeling a little sad. I would then teach them the (SSS) for the Lungs and it’s associated body actions to help tonify and strengthen the Qi within their Lungs.

When I have taught a Dao Yoga or a Dao Meditation class. Some times it is good just to perform some of the Six Healing Sounds Daoyin, just to help relax each individual and help them to release any anxiety, tension or stress that they may have accumulated inside themselves. Especially in the practice of the Dao Meditation you want each person to develop a Calm and Still body & mind. So now and again, it’s good just to practice some of the Six Healing Sounds just to help focus the mind and connect to the body.

Practicing the Li Style Daoist Six Healing Sounds Daoyin can be performed with body movements or without. Some times when you find yourself in a stressful situation in your place of work, or with family or out socially with friends. Find a place and time we’re you cannot be disturbed for a few minutes and just perform the (Shoo) Sound for the Liver a few times, it will help to release the build up of heat, tension and anger inside yourself. Obviously if you can perform the body movements alongside the sound, it will work much stronger on dispersing the turbid Qi.


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