LFIAA Li Family’s Daoist Boxing Art Of Feng Shou-Kung Fu. “The Rolling Arm Striking Methods” (Gun Bei Da Fa).

Some teachers and practitioners of the Li Family’s Daoist Boxing Art of Feng Shou-Kung Fu have a tendency to teach this internal martial art with techniques that are used purely for defence and techniques that are used to attack with. This way of practicing is very limited, to say that an inside or outside sun palm ward off can only be used for defence hinders the practitioners ability to be flexible and natural within their fighting methods.

Whereas, in the LFIAA we are taught that there is both a dual Yin & Yang, defensive or offensive in every technique. It is just down to how the Feng Shou-Kung Fu practitioner chooses to interpret the practical application. For example the inside rolling arm ward off (Nei Gun Bei Jie Duan) can be used to defend, by deflecting the opponents in-coming blow away using a soft (Yin) rolling action that guides the blow aside. Or the same rolling arm ward off can be used to strike heavily (Yang) against the opponents arm or body. Hence the same technique combines a dual Yin & Yang method, it just how to choose to use them.

Having the ability to use every technique as either a defensive or offensive fighting method, allows the Feng Shou-Kung Fu practitioner to develop a practical, refined, natural and effective internal martial art that fits their own size, bodyweight, and attributes. Obviously each individual needs to practice on a regular basis to maintain their fitness, flexibility, coordination, agility, timing, accuracy, reactions, precision and concentration. Another aspect that I have noticed over my many years of practicing and teaching the Li Family’s Daoist Boxing Arts, is that many practitioners practice from a position of only using their fighting techniques from a purely defensive situation. Meaning that they wait until the opponent launches they blows and then they go into action, but there are going to be times, where they might find themselves not being able to stop and defend against the opponents heavy attacks. So they will need to change their strategy to an offensive action, as the best form of defence is attack. Hence they will have to learn how to attack, how to open and enter into the opponents defence to land their own striking & kicking techniques.

Master Chee Soo would mention that a typical practitioner of the Li Family’s Feng Shou-Kung Fu. Should be able to change and adapt their fighting methods to overcome any situation that their opponent may use. This can only happen if the practitioners fighting techniques are simplified, natural, practical and skilful.

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