LFIAA Chinese Medical Qigong (Returning to the Root) “Guigen Qigong

In 2002 I had the opportunity to go to China for two weeks and study advanced Bodywork Massage (Tui Na) and Medical Qigong at the Xi Yuan Hospital of Traditional Chinese’s Medicine, Beijing, China. Each day would begin with early morning Bodywork Massage work in the doctors clinic which started at 7am until 12pm were we would be asked to give many patients a kind of warm up massage to help them relax and stimulate their blood and Qi circulation before they were treated by the doctor herself. Some times there would be up to fifty patients or more each morning that the female Chinese doctor (Yi Sheng) would treat with many types of ailments. Then in the afternoon we would then have a Bodywork Massage Course with various Chinese doctors who would then teach us how to use a variety of massage techniques to treat a wide range of ailments.

During some afternoons after we had worked in the treatment clinic during the morning actually working with sick patients and having the opportunity to see a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine work on a patient using some times Bodywork Massage (Tui Na), or Acupuncture and Herbal Therapy to treat them. We were then taught a Chinese Medical Qigong exercise called “Guigen Qigong” which actually means “Returning to the Source or Root” which was created by Dr Xu Hongtao of the Xi Yuan Hospital. The Guigen Qigong is a Five Element Form Exercise that as an opening form and then five other forms that connect to the Stomach/Spleen, Heart/Small Intestine, Kidneys/Urinary Bladder, Lungs/Large Intestine and Liver/Gall Bladder Internal organs and meridians.

Each of the Guigen Qigong Five Element forms are full of information and involve a lot of movements for eCh individual to learn and practice. They are a great compliment to those who practice and study the Energy Bodywork Massage (Tui Na Qigong) in both helping to cultivate your own energy to help maintain your own health and wellbeing, plus to develop your Qi sensitivity and awareness as it moves within yourself and how to connect to your patients own Qi to help treat they ailments. In the accompanying photo Laoshi Keith Ewers is seen perform the Heart/Small Intestine Guigen Qigong Exercise.


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