LFIAA Sun Style Baguazhang “ The Phoenix Wind Wheel Palm Form” (Fenghuang Feng Lun Zhang Shi).

Practicing the Sun Style Baguazhang can help to exercise and tone the small and large muscles, tendons and ligaments. One of the aims of practicing Baguazhang in general is to open up space within the body and to exercise everything within those spaces. This will help to increase the blood flow to reach all areas of the body, especially around the internal organs (Zangfu). The blood carry’s the nutrients that our bodies need to function, to heal and to maintain our wellness.

Because of the turning, twisting and spiralling actions of the whole body as it walks around the circle, as in the practice of the Sun Style Baguazhang Phoenix Form. Since the body mainly consists of body fluids like the blood, lymph, synovial and spinal fluid etc, a fundamental principle of Baguazhang is getting these bodily fluids to pump throughout the body in a strong, regular and balanced flow, particular around the internal organs.

As the practice of the Sun Style Baguazhang involves the twisting of the muscles and soft tissues as the practitioner performs their various movements. The twisting of the tissue within the four extremities will eventually twist and move the ligaments that are attached to the spine, twisting the muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia within the entire body acts as an internal massage on our internal organs, helping to maintain their functioning towards our health and wellness. The twisting of the soft tissues facilitates the way that the Qi naturally spirals through the body, it does not travel in straight lines, as everything in nature moves in circular, spiralling actions, and so it is the same that the Qi flows within the body while practicing baguazhang.

Sun Style Baguazhang increases more elasticity within the body as it trains the body to lengthen the ligaments and fascia, allowing for any deep laying tension that as built up within the fascia and ligaments to be released. This then significantly improves the practitioners elasticity and their range of motion in the joints and spinal column, allowing for optimum movement within the joints and the spaces between each vertebrae of the spine. As the elasticity of the body increases through the practice of Baguazhang then more blood and fluids can flow through the body to strengthen the health and wellbeing. Plus, so does the spiralling of the Qi passing in and out through the joints removing stagnant, blocked Qi that can weaken the immune system and boosting our health.


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