LFIAA Li Style (Lishi) Taiji Qigong “ Edge of the Cyclone Posture” Developing A Quality Of Movement To Improve Health & Wellbeing.

Practicing the taiji qigong exercises of the Li style Taijiquan square Yard form. Can only help its practitioners to develop a higher level of proficiency within their movements, making sure what is performed on one side of the body is exactly repeated on the opposite side, so that each practitioner promotes accuracy, precision and timing within their disciplined actions. There is no room for the many self interpreted movements that many practitioners employ because of a lack of understanding and knowledge of any guiding principles.

Irrespective of what particular style of taijiquan you practice they all advocate the use of circular movements. There should be no linear or isolated actions performed, the whole body must be fully active and connected moving as one complete unit. Practicing the taiji qigong exercises that make up the Li style’s square Yard Taijiquan form are there to improve each practitioner ability to skilfully manipulate the flow of Qi through the body with correct unified movements that abide to the guiding principles of the Li style Taijiquan.

By developing accurate, precise and well timed actions in the practice of the Li style taiji qigong exercises. Connecting the five components of the body the legs, torso, arms, breath and concentration together will greatly improve the body, mind, spirit connections of every practitioner. Releasing and relaxing the nervous system through the taiji qigong exercises will allow any anxiety and stress to be released. Tension can develop and lay deeply within each individuals nerves of the body, it can exacerbate the inability to relax and with regular Li style taiji qigong exercise can help to gradually remove this deep laying tension out of the nervous system, which then improves the individuals ability to fully relax and enjoy life much more.


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