LFIAA Sun Style Eight Trigram Palms (Sunshi Bagua Zhang) “The Swimming Body Continuous Palm Form”.

The Sun Style Eight Trigrams “Swimming Body Continuous Palm Form” (Sunshi Bagua You Shen Lian Zhang Shi) is made up of ten short forms that are performed on both sides of the body. These ten short forms consist of 1. Single Palm Change, 2. Double Palm Change, 3. Lion, 4. Unicorn, 5. Snake, 6, Sparrow Hawk, 7, Dragon, 8, Bear, 9. Phoenix, 10. Monkey. These are firstly performed in an orthodox method in the order given above, this is done so that each practitioner can learn each particular form accurately with good discipline. Once the practitioner has been practicing the orthodox method for some time, they can then begin to practice the unorthodox method, this is were the practitioner can mix up the 10 short forms in a large variety of ways, which keeps the practice exciting and interesting for every practitioner.

No matter wether you decide to practice the Sun Style Bagua Swimming Body Continuous Palm Form in an orthodox or unorthodox method. It will strengthen the tendons and bones and stretch the practitioners muscles and joints to increase their flexibility and range of mobility. It promotes good blood, lymph and Qi circulation to nourish, strengthen and repair the health and wellbeing of the practitioner. Due to its circle walking practice which can be performed at various speeds can greatly develop each person’s general cardio fitness and stamina.

The practice of the Eight Trigram Palms (Baguazhang) is a rare body, mind & spirit system that not many individuals have come across. As many individuals now practice the more popular Tai Chi and Qigong forms and exercises, but the practice of Baguazhang is a fascinating discipline that involves the practitioner constantly turning and twisting their whole body, while walking around in a circle and then suddenly changing direction constantly. It is said that a practitioner of the Eight Trigram Palms resembles a Dragon spiralling and coiling in the air.

Although many practitioners study and practice the Sun Style’s Bagua Swimming Body Continuous Palm Form for its health related benefits. Like a Tai Chi which can also be used as an Internal Martial Art to protect oneself, so the same can be said of the practice of the Eight Trigram Palms as an Internal Martial Art of devastating fighting techniques that are hidden with its circle walking, spiralling and coiling actions of the whole body. When you actually see a practitioner perform any of the Sun Style Eight Trigram Palms Forms, it is very hard to believe that it is a powerful and devastating Internal Martial Art that involves Striking, Kicking, Wrestling & Throwing techniques.


2 thoughts on “LFIAA Sun Style Eight Trigram Palms (Sunshi Bagua Zhang) “The Swimming Body Continuous Palm Form”.

  1. Paul White says:

    Dear Sifu
    I have learnt Cheng style Bagua from a great teacher but I’m currently teaching myself Sun style from video and books. Can you explain to me the difference between sparrow hawk palm and bear palm. I’ve studied the video of these palms but still can’t pick up the differences.
    Thanks for your time.

    • Hi Paul
      Within the Sun Style Bagua Bear form Palm the palm is directed towards the ground, as a stamping palm strike. Whereas, the Sparrow hawk palm is raised up much higher to shoulder height and is delivered more as a screw palm strike. I Hope this helps as it is hard learning from a book and there are so many variations shown on video. All the best with your training.

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