LFIAA Li Style (Lishi) Daoist Yoga Sequence. (Lishi Kaimen Daoyin).

As I have already mentioned in previous blogs that I have written on the subject of the Li Style (Lishi) Dao Yoga Art. There are many types of exercises for which are originally performed separately, but we at the LFIAA have a tendency to perform them in a sequence of joined up exercises which look very much like a form. The exercises are designed to strengthen, increase flexibility and develop stability. The exercises are combined with the breathing (Xi) and performed slowly in a relaxed manner.

Obviously the Li Style Dao Yoga Exercises are there to help each individual to circulate their Qi, blood and lymph around their body to enliven, nourish and strengthen their health and wellbeing. The exercises can target various areas of an individuals body, for example you can perform a sequence of exercises that will stretch the muscles of the back and spine to release muscle tension and stiffness of the spine to improve mobility, flexibility and relaxation. Another example is to perform exercises that will strengthen the leg muscles and improve the individuals balance and agility.

Because we are all different from one individual to the next. Meaning that some of us may be to stiff and tense within certain areas of the body more than others, say like the hips. So we may need to enliven the area to bring more fresh Qi and blood into the area to nourish and strengthen the joints of the hips, allowing for the blood and Qi to flow into the space between the joints and to remove the turbid Qi (Zhao Qi) and stagnant blood out. The importance of practicing Dao Yoga is to help maintain and improve the health of the practitioner and to work on the areas of the body that needs treatment.

Because there are so many ways that a typical sequence of Dao Yoga exercises can all be joined together. This allows the practitioner to perform certain exercises that can target various parts of the body. Like developing the fitness of the legs to help with the balance, or exercises to strengthen the arms and shoulders. Regular practice of the Li Style Dao Yoga Sequences can also benefit the practitioner in their Daoist Meditation, as the Dao Yoga will develop a more relaxed body.

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