LFIAA Li Family (Lishi) Push & Pull Bodywork Massage. (Lishi Tui La Shen Fa).

The healing or medical arts of the Li Family Arts as taught by the LFIAA. Involves Bodywork Massage, Acupuncture & Medical Daoyin Exercises. The Push & Pull Bodywork Massage is made up of ten sections of massage techniques, which can be used to work on the musculoskeletal system, or directly on the internal organs (Zangfu), or on the Yin & Yang Meridians and Channels (Jingluo) that cover the entire body to treat both internal or external disease.

To effectively use the bodywork massage to treat disease, a practitioner must be well educated in Traditional Chinese Medicine theory and practice. They must know how each of the Yin & Yang Meridians connect and flow into each other, they must be able to locate the 360 Acupuncture cavities which lie on the energy pathways of the entire body. They must understand Yin & Yang theory, Five Element theory, they should be able to read the pulses and tongue of a patient to begin to diagnose problem or imbalance within the patients body and to then begin to formulate a protocol to treat the patient. Simply just practicing the many massage techniques does not mean you can treat a patient with a serious disease.

Basically my teacher Master Chee Soo, would teach the bodywork massage to his students, especially if they were teaching the martial arts of the Li Family Arts. As many individuals who attend these classes can end up with various injuries, so he would show us how to reduce and dissolve a bruise, swelling or a black eye, some more serious methods like how to realign a dislocated joint like a shoulder or elbow. I personally have had in my own many years of teaching the Li Family Martial Arts, had to re-align dislocated fingers and elbows, reduce bruises, bring individuals around from being knockout by using the hand manipulative techniques of the Push & Pull Bodywork Massage Methods.

Sadly, the Healing Arts of the Li Family that we teach and practice within the LFIAA is not flourishing as much, like that of the other arts that are taught within the Li Family. Such as the Li Style Taijiquan or the Li Style Feng Shou-Kung Fu as most individuals much prefer to choose and practice these two most popular disciplines, rather than the bodywork massage.

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