LFIAA Li Style (Lishi) Taiji Whirling Hands Exercise. “The Basic Three Circular Shapes”.

When performing the Li Style (Lishi) Taijiquan Square Yard Form the practitioner will draw circular shapes in the air. While performing the movements of their Taijiquan Form practice, these circular shapes involve Vertical, Horizontal & Sidewards circles,combining both small and large circles that blend, smoothly and naturally from one into another. So when we perform the two-person tactile exercise what we know as “Whirling Hands” (Lun Shou), we also draw these same circular shapes while remaining in contact with each other. The only difference is that we are both trying to upset each other’s balance, which means we must not use strength against strength.

By combining the three basic circular shapes into the practice of Whirling Hands. It allows both practitioners to remain relaxed by making sure that their both hands are kept moving at all times, both trying to push against each other’s body, using the fingers, back of the training partners hands, the elbow & shoulder. With this intent from both sides to strongly touch and push against each other’s body, means that strength as to be issued, which then allows the receiver to feel that strength that is issued towards them to then follow (Sui), Yield (Qian) and Neutralise (Hua) that strength lead it away using one of the basic three circular shapes.

Obviously the practice of Whirling Hands (Lun Shou) and the practice of the Li Style Taijiquan Form are one and the same. By practicing the Whirling Hands Exercise a practitioner can learn many things on how to improve their Taijiquan Form, such as correcting their body alignment, learning how to better sink their Qi into their stances and into the ground to greatly improve and strengthen their root (Gen), not to become tense and stiff within their muscles, tendons and of cause joints, but to remain loose and relaxed (Song) at all times. These are just a few examples of what an individual can learn from the practice and study of the Whirling Hands Exercise there are many, many more things that an individual can learn to better improve their Taijiquan from the Whirling Hands practice.

Today, many individuals seem to place all of their attention into the study of the Li Style Taijiquan Form, a few Daoyin breathing exercises and some Dao Yoga exercises. But sadly the study and practice of the tactile exercise of Whirling Hands & Arms are being less practiced. Which as a negative knock on effect in the individuals development, as to strengthen your root and balance, you need someone to push against you. This cannot happen by just performing the Taijiquan Form.

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