LFIAA “The Eight Energies of Taiji’s Seizing & Grasping Methods” (Taiji Qin Na)

Today it is just as important for those who study and practice taijiquan to learn its self defensive methods as at anytime in one’s life time you could be assaulted either out socialising or at your place of work or in school or university. You might even have to step in and protect a family member or even a friend who is being assaulted by an aggressive assailant. Learning to use your taijiquan as a method of self defence is very important towards protecting your own health and wellbeing, as a serious assault could traumatise you physically, mentally and emotionally for many years, lowering your self esteem and confidence to venture out doors on your own.

Taijiquan involves the learning of how to use its eight energies of Peng, Lu, An, Ji, Cai, Lie, Zhou, Kao to become proficient at escaping from many types of holds and grips and to then apply easy to learn, practical, effective methods of:

1). Mis-Placing the Bones 2). Separating the Tendons 3). Tearing the Muscles 4). Sealing the Air 5). Sealing the Blood 6). Pressing/Striking the Qi Cavities.

In the case of using the eight energies of taijiquan to apply a straight entwined arm lock as shown in the accompanying picture that comes with this blog. The individual would use the energies of Ward Off (Peng), Rollback (Lu), Pluck (Cai), Squeeze (Ji), Press (An) and Split (Lie) to efficiently apply this particular taiji qin na Joint lock.

Obviously for any individual to learn the self defence side of taijiquan would involve them taking on more training in how to develop their tactile ability, remaining in contact with their training partner to apply a wide range of joint locking, choking, strangling techniques that could be used to subdue and immobilise their assailants using very little strength, but with a large knowledge of angles, leverage and tactile skill that any gender can learn and apply effectively to defend themselves.

For us who have been studying and practicing taijiquan for many, many years have realised that becoming proficient with taiji’s self defence methods is just an extension of looking after our own health & wellbeing. As taijiquan is a non+aggressive Chinese martial art that advocates the usage of Softness to over-come the Hardness of your assailant by skilfully using the eight energies of your taijiquan to re-direct, up root your assailants balance and subdue and immobilise them.

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