LFIAA “Applying Taijiquan’s Eight Energies to The Art of Joint Locking” (Taiji Qin Na)

The eight energies of taijiquan are Ward Off (Peng), Rollback (Lu), Squeeze (Ji), Press (An), Pluck (Cai), Split (Lie), Elbow (Zhou), Bump (Kao) in the accompanying picture that comes with this particular blog. You can see the Small Entwined Wrist Lock being applied to An attackers wrist, to actually apply this wrist lock (Wan Suo) using the eight energies of taijiquan would involve the individual to use a particular type of Ward Off (Peng) using the arm to connect (Zhan) and adhere (Nian) to the attacker limb and with the use of a Rollback (Lu) to yield slightly from the force of the attackers punch and to then re-direct the force away with the turning of the waist (Yao) and shoulders (Jian). Then the individual would quickly use their free hand to press (an) and squeeze (Ji) the attackers punching hand to their Ward Off arms wrist, immediately their Ward Off would then Pluck (Cai) grip the attackers own wrist and begin to apply pressure to it by pressing (An) to immobilise and subdue the attacker or to use Splitting (Lie) to break the joint.

Explained above is just one typical example of how the eight energies of taijiquan can be applied to the study and practice of the ” Seizing & Grasping Art” of (Taiji Qin Na Shu). There are obviously plenty more energies to learn and master alongside these eight energies such as Listening (Ting Jing) Sticking (Zhan Jing), Adhering (Nian Jing) , Following (Sui Jing) Yielding (Lu Jing), Twisting (Ning Jing), Bending (Ban Jing) etc. It is said that there are well over fifty different types of energies that an individual must learn and become proficient at if they wish to use their taijiquan skills to defend themselves or a loved one, a friend or even a complete stranger who needs your help quickly.

Today many people prefer to study and practice taijiquan mainly for its many health related benefits and choose not to learn its self defence (Zi Wei) techniques. This I find very strange as anyone could be attacked at anytime in their own lives, irrespective of age or gender. It is important that those who study taijiquan should also learn its self defence techniques, as being attacked can also seriously effect your health and wellbeing physically, emotionally and mentally for many years after the actual assault. Learning to apply the eight energies of taijiquan to the joint locking art of (Qin Na) is an easy to learn, practical and effective way to defend oneself and escape with you health intact.

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