LFIAA Taijiquan-Self Defence “Applying Taiji’s Eight Energies Methods ” (Taiji Ba Jing Fa)

There are many ways that an assailant can attack you at anytime during the day or evening, it could happen outside walking about or it could happen in your place of work or even at your home. The assault could come from the front, side or from behind, properly the most difficult position to defend oneself from is the attack from behind, as the assailant as the benefit of a surprise attack. So let’s assume that you have been attacked from behind as seen in the accompanying photo that is attached to this particular blog, how can we apply taijiquan’s eight energies of Ward Off, Rollback, Press, Squeeze, Pluck, Split, Elbow, Bump to escape from this particular form of assault.

Obviously, I would advise that every individual to be regularly practicing their taiji self defensive methods and learning how to apply the eight energies by attending a regular weekly class and train with other individuals of different genders, size, height and ages. As it is quite easy to learn a few self defence methods and to then freeze and panic when an assault happens because you cannot remember your techniques, due to lack of regular practice.

So let’s assume that your assailant as attacked you from behind by placing his or her arm around your neck, your first reaction will be to resist against their hold, this can happen due to panic and not training enough to teach you how to react correctly in this type of situation. So try not to resist the hold, but remain as relaxed as you can, simply use one hand to Pluck (Cai) and Press (An) down on your assailants arm, then either use the back of hips or the back of your head to Bump (Kao) strike against your assailants groin or face, immediately then try and turn your body to break free of his or her hold and deliver an Elbow (Zhou) towards their head as in the picture or to the body. Hopefully this might be enough to break free and escape, if not you must then follow up quickly using your other free hand to strike your assailant or even kick them to escape and get away from them.

As I have already mentioned above there are numerous amounts of holds and grips, punching and kicking methods that an assailant can use to attack you with. So it is important that you learn how to defend against assaults from the front, sides or from behind. Just as an individual would spend many hour practicing their taijiquan form or sequence to help improve their health and wellbeing. Then it is just as important that you also practice your taiji self defence methods on a regular basis to also help you maintain your health & wellbeing and protect your life or your family’s or friends if they were suddenly assaulted

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