LFIAA Coiling Dragon Qigong for Suffers of Back Pain.

Irrespective of how old you are everyone can suffer with a back problem caused by poor posture, injury, bad working conditions were you are asked to hold uncomfortable position for long hours like long distance driving or sitting at a desk staring at a screen etc. Back muscle tension can build up gradually until the individual suddenly feels a muscle spasm that locks the muscles within their back causing great discomfort. Sciatica is another common back problem that many people suffer with from the young to the very old, another ailment is curvature of the spinal column known as scoliosis. A lot of back problems that many people suffer with can be prevented by taking up a good exercise plan that stretches the back muscles and spinal column allowing for the individual to stay free of pain, the Chinese say that “You are as old as your back” and if you have ever suffered with a bad back or seen a family member, friend or work colleague suffer with one then you know exactly how limited it makes you feel. Suddenly from being able to move around easily with a good range of mobility to suddenly having to rely on others to help you and depend on can make you feel very old and depressed as you are trapped inside you back problem.

A very good discipline that can not only help maintain a healthy back and spinal column is the Daoist Kunlun’s Coiling Dragon Qigong (Chan Long Gong) this thirty-two Posture form uses both passive and vigorous actions to gently twist, rotate and spiral the whole body to help stretch the muscle groups of the entire body, including opening the joints to release stiffness and develop a relaxed, supple and pliable body. Once the body has been stretched open the blood circulation increases around the body bringing important nutrients to the internal organs (Zangfu) allowing them to function properly to strengthen your health and wellbeing.

Coiling Dragon Qigong not only helps the back and spinal column, it also benefits those who suffer with stiff hip joints and stiffness in the joints of the lower extremities helping to improve a lighter, relaxed body that has greater range of mobility, irrespective of how old you might be. Regular practice of the Coiling Dragon Qigong helps the young to become stronger with their health and allows the old to stay young and youthful in their old age, once you begin your practice of the Coiling Dragon Qigong form you will never suffer with a back problem as long as you maintain your own practice and look after yourself.

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