LFIAA Original Feng Shou-Kung Fu “The Walking Stick Fighting Methods”

I have already mentioned this before, but my teacher the late Master Chee Soo had two approaches towards teaching weapons to his students. Firstly he would teach the more traditional Kung Fu weapons like the Staff (Gun), Broadsword (Dao), Straight Sword (Jian), Dagger (Bi Shou) and Two & Three Sectional Staff (Sanjiegun). Secondly he would teach more practical weapons that could be applied to everyday usage against a sudden violent situation, were you are in front of an armed assailant. These particular weapons would include the use of a Belt (Dai), Scarf (Wei Jin) or Tie (Da Jie), a rolled up magazine, newspaper or book, and of cause an Umbrella or Walking Stick/Cane (Shou Zhang).

Obviously the Walking Cane/Stick (Shou Zhang) Fighting Methods could also be applied to an Umbrella or a piece of wood that may be on the ground around you nearby. But let’s say you are attacked by an armed assailant and all you have is a simple Walking Cane/Stick or Umbrella on you at the time of the violent attack. Within the Original Feng Shou Kung Fu you would be taught how to use this weapon to strike at your assailant in a multitude of powerful, fast angles of attack aimed at hitting your assailants joints, nerves and Qi-points located on his or her body, plus you would also be taught joint locking techniques, strangles &Chokes that could also be turned into fast, effective takedowns and throws.

The Original Feng Shou Kung Fu teaches the student to use their intelligence and skill to be able to overcome a much stronger and bigger assailant, rather than using brute strength against strength to defeat the assailant, obviously the stronger person will win every time. So a Feng Shou Kung Fu student would be taught fast, evasive footwork and to develop a high level of tactile awareness to redirect the assailants force, aggression and balance against themselves, combined with the students own skill and powerful striking & kicking methods the student should be able to adapt and change to the situation and safely escape without any harm to them self’s. Again the longer you remain in a violent confrontation the more chance of yourself being hurt, your Walking Cane/Stick Fighting Techniques should be fast, powerful and accurate to allow you to exit the situation quickly.

Learning the Walking Cans/Stick can be useful to everyone, any gender, any age especially that our modern society is gradually becoming more violent and it is always useful to carry something with you that looks none threatening but can suddenly be turned into a very effective tool of self defence. This is just of the more practical everyday weapons that we teach as part of the Original Feng Shou Kung Fu under the guidance of Laoshi Keith Ewers of the LFIAA a senior student of Master Chee Soo.


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