LFIAA Learning the Internal Martial Art of “Feng Shou-Kung Fu” for Health & Well-being.

Sadly today with many types of martial arts being advertised on the TV and in films I think has turned many individuals off wanting to learn or take up a discipline like a particular-martial Art, because all they see is the more aggressive, gladiatorial, brutal and competitive types of martial arts and they rightly think that if they were to start learning a martial art that they would turn into some deranged , aggressive, out of control bully. There is also a another side to the martial arts that many people do not see or even know or understand and that is the more holistic side. Which teaches individuals about developing good morals (Wu De) towards everyone such as integrity, respectfulness, humility, kindness etc. The Chinese Internal Martial Art of the Original Feng Shou Quan-Kung Fu (Hand of the Wind Boxing) teaches a more holistic approach towards individuals wishing to learn how to protect themselves and family, friends from any harm.

Firstly everyone who begins to study the Feng Shou-Kung Fu system are taught that this particular martial art is suitable for all genders and is not a male dominated martial art full of ego and testosterone. But rather the opposite in that it teaches “Softness to Overcome Hardness” not to use force or strength against strength, my teacher the late Master Chee Soo would always mention that Feng Shou-Kung Fu is a “Thinking Persons” Martial art, meaning that you use your intelligence and skill and not your emotions and brute force to defend yourself.

Today most martial arts are portrayed as a fight to the finish with the winner standing tall and proud and the loser hurt and defeated on the ground. This is not want really happens outside in the real bad, bad world. In today’s violent world you are most likely to be attacked from behind with properly more than one attacker who may or may not be harmed with a knife, possibly on drugs or drink or a combination of both. In this particular situation you do not want to hang around to the end as you are more likely to place your life on the line. You simply want to learn a practical and effective martial art that can create an opportunity for you to escape the situation safely with your health and life intact.

To us who have been teaching this holistic Internal Martial Art of Feng Shou-Kung Fu for many, many years we simply look at it as a continuation of looking after my own health and wellbeing. Just as much as I would practice my Qigong breathing and stretching actions every morning to strength my vitality, helping me to remain relaxed and supple, or making sure that I eat a regular healthy diet alongside my meditative exercise to ensure my health. Then learning Feng Shou-Kung Fu is just as important as not only will it strengthen my mind & body it will help me to protect my health and life if I am placed into a life threatening situation. This is why I believe studying and practicing The Chinese Internal Martial Arts are so important because irrespective of how old you are or were you live your health and life could be on the line from a sudden and surprised violent attack and unless you are prepared on how to handle the situation then you can still continue with your health. But if you are not and you survive this violent encounter it could traumatise you for the rest of your life, that is why everyone should learn the Internal Martial Arts of Feng Shou-Kung Fu.

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