LFIAA Triple Spiralling Qigong (San Chan Gong) Practice To Help Combat The Stresses & Strains Of A Fast Paced Life.

Another of the Daoist Kunlun Mountain System is the Triple Spiralling Qigong Exercise which is a twenty four Posture form that incorporates passive and active movements alongside dynamic stretching actions that invigorate the Qi and blood to flow smoothly throughout the entire body. The dynamic stretching helps to release any stiffness or muscular tension that may accumulate and have an affect on slowing the blood and Qi circulation and limit the individuals range of mobility. The practice of the Triple Spiralling Qigong involves all of the muscle groups of the body and the joints, improving the pliability of each person, alongside its slow and vigorous movements the Triple Spiralling Qigong also involves both linear and circular stepping using the Mud Wading Step (Tangnibu) and various hand shapes (Yin Shou) or mudras as they are known in Yoga for meditative purposes.

Within the Triple Spiralling Qigong Form there are “Post Standing Postures” (Zhan Zhuang Gong) that each person can learn to hold and practice their standing meditation to help cultivate and harness both Heaven & Earth Qi (Tian Di) to help strengthen their vitality levels and improve their health & wellbeing. The Spiralling actions involves the twisting, turning and coiling of the whole body including the legs, torso and arms to help stretch and develop greater flexibility in the entire body, especially the spinal column and muscles of the back for which many individuals suffer with due to poor working conditions were they sit for many hours in front of a screen. There is both single arm Spiralling and double arm Spiralling which is also known as “Serving Tea Cups Exercise” (Gong Cha Bei Fa) which greatly develops flexibility within the shoulders and arms.

Triple Spiralling Qigong from the Daoist Kunlun System is a very powerful Qigong exercise that can help each individual to strengthen and improve their health, fitness and range of mobility irrespective of age or gender. In today’s fast paced lifestyle with all of its stresses and strains that many individuals suffer with such as long working hours with the pressures of meeting deadlines and dealing with unhelpful customers can all build up and cause you to suffer with anxiety, blood pressure problems, headaches etc. Simply being able to enter a regular class on the Triple Spiralling Qigong or to be able to find a quiet park we’re you can then go and practice during your lunch break can help many individuals to ease their stress levels and improve their physical and mental health.

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