Taiji Qigong for Better Balance

Its very surprising  how as we all get older our sense of balance seems to go, obviously this can be done to general wear and tear of the body or it could be due to illness or accident. I was once talking to a very elderly student of mine and he mentioned that he had to go and see his doctor for health check up. He told me that the doctor asked him to stand on one leg and to the doctors amazement he could stand for a long while without losing his balance. The doctor then told him that many individuals of his age which his 65 years old would not be able to stand for a few seconds without losing their balance, he then told the doctor that he has been studying the traditional Chinese mind & body exercise of Taiji/Tai Ch Qigong.

Even within my own classes I have seen certain individuals struggle with being able to stand on one leg as part of the Taiji Qigong exercises that I teach only to see them improve their leg strength and confidence to gain better balance after a few weeks of regular practice. Through the practice of Taiji/Tai Chi or Qigong any individual, irrespective of age can develop and strengthen their balance as the exercise it performed slowly in a relaxed manner with gracefully flowing movements that are co-ordinated with deep breathing.

Certain individuals who suffer with Osteoporosis would also benefit from practicing Taiji Qigong not to just strengthen their bone density through the weight bearing actions of Taiji Qigong. But to develop their confidence to gain better balance,as obviously falling over could seriously cause them great damage. In fact there is an illness called “Falls Syndrome” and affects thousands of people who simply fall due to blacking out from high blood pressure, weak legs etc.

Simple Taiji Qigong exercises that each individual can learn and either practice by attending a regular weekly class, or even to practice them at home can greatly benefit  everyone  by increasing their leg strength and joint flexibility, plus help them to become more relaxed and release their anxiety and stress levels and improve their over-Al confidence and  independence to rely on themselves to walk around without any aids.


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