Taiji for Back Pain Relief

Today many individuals suffer with upper and lower back pain, irrespective of how old you are if you do not look after the health of your back it can effect you no matter wether you are young or old. The obvious causes for general back pain are.

1). Poor working conditions sitting at a desk for two many hours. 2). Manual labour the lifting of heavy objects as part of your working conditions. 3). Injury due to an accident, 4). Sporting injury from over training or poor training methods, 5). Old age wear and tear of the back muscles and spine.

Many of the back pain that individuals suffer with can be either chronic or acute and with correct training each individual can help to cure , prevent the back pain or learn how to manage and control the discomfort and still be able to live a active lifestyle. The practice of Taiji/Tai Chi is a well known holistic exercise that  is very beneficial towards treating back pain, it’s movements are performed slowly and smoothly without any jarring movements that can cause the back  or spinal column to tense up. Through its gentle turning of the torso from side to side and slight leaning forwards movements Taiji/Tai Chi gentle stretches both the upper and lower back and causes a traction on the spine to stretch and open its joints. Another aspect to learning Taiji/Tai Chi that can greatly benefit suffers of back pain is the development of correct body alignment, some individuals suffer with back muscle tension which can mis-align their spine making the muscles on one side of the back to fully contract causing one shoulder to be slightly higher than the other. Or it can cause the hip joint to mis-align by the tension in the back muscles pulling it up higher than the other side.

Through the alternating movements of Taiji/Tai Chi which are repeated on both sides of the body, the back muscles are gently stretched allowing the tension within the back muscles to gradually to be released, relaxing the whole back muscles and allowing the body to re-align itself. Obviously this takes time and plenty of practice on behalf of the individual who is suffering with the back pain. But once you have taken up the practice of Taiji/Tai Chi you now have a better understanding and awareness of looking after the health of your back. As the Chinese say “You are as old as your back” and for those who have suffered with severe back pain it can make you feel very depressed, irritable  and old.


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