Feng Shou-Gongfu Fast Throws (kuai Jiao)

As with all traditional Chinese internal martial arts they all cover fast throwing techniques alongside the practice of striking, kicking, joint locking and weapon training.  The reason for practicing  and learning fast throwing techniques  are that you can seriously hurt your assailant by throwing them onto hard ground, you can throw one assailant into another or use them as an obstacle to trip over etc.

Obviously fast throwing techniques won’t work against everyone fighting strategy  is very important in knowing when and how to apply any fast throwing technique for example, it’s no good a slight individual trying to throw a much bigger and heavier individual. Whereas, a much bigger and heavier person can easily use a fast throwing technique against a much lighter person, there is no one throwing technique that can be used against everyone, irrespective of height, weight or size.

“Strike low on a tall man, strike high on a short man. Use angles against a fat, heavier person. Throw or pull the thin man down, simple glare at the old man”.

The above advice is one given to all students of the Chinese internal martial arts to help them understand how to use the principles of Yin & Yang fighting strategy theory to help them realise how to change and adapt their fighting art to the individual and situation in front of them selfs. As with the striking, kicking and wrestling techniques along with the study of fast throwing methods are important in making the practitioner of the  Feng Shou-Gongfu Chinese internal martial art a much more rounded and skilful individual.

The practice of Fast Throwing techniques should be developed and combined around your striking and kicking techniques so that you can switch naturally from one method to another. Changing, flowing and adapting to the situation at hand. Many people think that any fighting technique will work every time against everyone, sadly these certain individuals usually end up being hurt as they soon realise that their own fighting strategy did not work, in the application of fast throwing techniques you must apply them at the right time a against the ideal individual. 



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