Daoist Numerology

Throughout the Chinese natural philosophy of Daoism the use of numbers are continuously used to bring a deeper understanding and knowledge of staying in balance with the Dao or Way.
One of the most special or popular numbers that is used throughout Daoism and it’s related arts of Taijiquan, Qigong , Meditation, painting and calligraphy is the number three. The number three as many connotations within Daoism as three is the number of creation and accomplishment , as Laozi mentions in his book the Daodejing.
The Dao gives birth to One.
The One gives birth to the Two.
The Two gives birth to the Three.
And the Three gives birth to the Ten thousand things.
Three is also associated with Heaven, Earth and Human and is again divided into a further set of three for Heaven as three lights the Sun, Moon and Stars. Earth has three natural sources Water, Fire and Wind. Humans have three treasures (Sancai) Essences,( Jing), Energy (Qi) and Spirit (Shen). Through the practice of Daoist Qigong and Meditation we are taught to harness the three lights of Heaven, the three sources of natural power on Earth to strengthen our Essences (Jing), Energy (Qi) and Spirit (Shen) to live a long life (Chang Sheng).
In the practice of the Daoist Internal Martial & Health Arts the number three is also associated with Movement, Breathing and Mind. It is also used in the Martial Arts to express Parrying, Striking and Kicking which leads towards another three of Defence, Attack and Counter-Attack. Daoism uses other numbers alongside the number Three to give great connection and depth of understanding the balance between Heaven, Earth and Humans and the Dao or Way.


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