The 15 Energy Pathways of Qigong

The Taoist Kunlun Swimming Dragon Qigong exercise cultivates, transforms and transports the three treasure of the human body which are the Essences (Jing), Energy (Qi) and Spirit (Shen) to help nourish, and strengthen your over-al health and we’ll-being so that you can live a long life (Chang Sheng).
The movements of the Swimming Dragon Qigong Form will promote the circulation of the internal energy to flow throughout the entire body through the twelve main meridians and eight extraordinary meridians (Jingmai). The twelve main meridians are the pathways of the twelve main organs systems and they circulate the Qi throughout the whole body. The Qi flow follows a certain pattern within the meridian system.
Shousanyinjing-The Qi from the three hand Yin meridians ( Lungs, Heart, Pericardium) flows from the chest , runs along the inside of the arms, across the palms to the fingers.
Shousanyangjing-The Qi from the three hand Yang meridians ( Large Intestine, Small Intestine, Triple Heater) flows from the hands up the outside of the arms, across the shoulders to the top of the head.
Zusanyinjing-The Qi from the three foot Yang meridians ( Bladder, Gall Bladder, Stomach) runs from the head down the front, side and back of the body into the toes.
Zusanyinjing-The Qi of the three Foot Yin meridians (Kidneys, Spleen, Liver) runs from the feet up the inside of the legs to the chest.
Out of the eight extraordinary meridians the Swimming Dragon Qigong uses just three of them which are the .
Dumai-The Governing meridian is located in the centre of your back and runs along the length of your spinal column. The Governing meridian controls all of the Yang meridians.
Renmai-The Conception meridian is located in the centre of your body and runs along the midline. The Renmai controls all of the Yon meridians within the body.
Damian-The Belt Meridian is located under the rib age and like an invisible belt, it encircles the waist and abdomen. The function of the Daimai is to hold all of the meridians in the body together, balancing the Qi, blood and lymph flow between the upper and lower body.
In the Swimming Dragon Qigong form we consider these fifteen meridians to be key links that connect everything within our body to our three elixir fields (Dantians) weaving together a strong web of health, happiness and harmony within our lives.


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