Tui Na Energy Bodywork Massage Patting & Striking Techniques.

The Li style method of Traditional Chinese Medicines “Tui Na Energy Bodywork Massage.” Contains over sixteen individual massage techniques that can be used on the muscular skeletal system or directly on the energy channels. And meridians (jingluo) to treat many ailments.
One of the most popular massage techniques that is not just used within Tui Na massage, but is also used in other massage styles as we’ll is the Patting (Pai FA) and striking (Da Fa) methods. In the Lishi Tui Na energy bodywork massage system the Patting technique is considered to be Yin, while the Striking technique is considered to be Yang.
Patting includes using your fingers to pat using simply one or more fingers any were on the body, plus it involves the palm in a hollow shape or a solid palm shape. Patting is used to disperse muscle tension and increase blood (Xue) and energy (Qi) by removing any blood stagnation or energy blockages due to injury, over-working etc.
Whereas, the Striking technique is considered to be Yang and involves the use of the hyper-theanar mould (little finger edge) of the palm, the palm heel, the finger tips held in a beak shape or with the fingers spread apart, the use of the fist using the knuckles of the back of the hands fist or little finger edge of the fist. Striking is used to penetrate deeply into the body to stimulate the nervous system if you have a patient who is suffering from paralysis or numbness, plus striking can be use to stimulate the energy points by targeting certain points anywhere on the body, including the head and face. Obviously when using the Patting or Striking techniques you must be fully aware of how much strength you are using when patting or striking your patient. As to much strength can cause pain and make your patient feel uncomfortable with your treatment.


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