LFIAA Li Style Feng Shou Throwing Methods “ Picking The Correct Opportunity To Apply a Throw”.

As with every Chinese Internal Martial Art they all cover the four fighting ranges of Striking (Da), Kicking (Ti), Wrestling ( Na) and Throwing (Shuai). So it is the same with the Li Style Feng Shou-Kung Fu, but sadly not every practitioner will train within each of the four fighting ranges, as many practitioners do like to be thrown, so they do not bother to train and study this particular fighting range. Me personally, I believe that to be a complete practitioner of the Li Style Feng Shou-Kung Fu you must reach a proficient level of skill within each of the four fighting ranges so as to be a balanced internal martial artist.

There are many different types of throwing methods (Shuai Fa) to learn and master within the Feng Shou-Kung Fu. But not every throw will work on every opponent, you must be intelligent and understand that there is a correct time and place to implement throwing techniques against a certain type of opponent, and there is also the time when it is best not to try using a throwing method. Usually against a much bigger, heavier and possibly stronger opponent you are best to just stick to striking and kicking methods. Whereas, against a much thinner, lighter opponent you can actually apply your throwing techniques to great effect.

Applying a fast, powerful throwing methods on an opponent can be very devastating to them, causing serious damage, especially if they are thrown onto hard ground. As there is a possibility that they could land awkwardly on their back, head, shoulder or pelvis causing serious damage that finishes the confrontation altogether or definitely slows them up. Successful throws can be applied from punches, kicks, various grips or holds that your opponent might try to attempt to do. All highly skilled martial artists will study and practice various throwing methods as they are very powerful techniques to have within your own toolbox if you need to use them against the right types of opponent.

In the middle of a serious aggressive confrontation your opponent might be able to get close enough, so that they can grip and hold your arms, torso or your head. At this particular range they are close enough to punch, elbow, knee or even try to throw yourself to the ground, this is were a fast, practical and powerful throw could be applied to help finish the confrontation or allow you to escape from the situation. A skilful practitioner of the Li Style Feng Shou-Kung Fu should be able to cover and blend together the four fighting ranges, so as to adapt and change their own fighting methods to overcome any situation that confronts them. Turning a serious of strikes into a set up to throw the opponent or catching your opponents kick and then throw them onto their back or head or apply a certain joint lock that then is also used to throw the opponent to the ground were they are then pinned and immobilised.

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