LFIAA Li Style Qin Na-Kung Fu “ Every Women Can Effectively Use Qin Na Joint Locks To Protect Themselves”.

Because we humans move around through the actions of opening and closing our joints. It is through the practice of the Li Style (Lishi) Qin Na-Kung Fu that you are taught how to manipulate the joints of an assailant to hinder their own mobility and cause tremendous pain on them, by either mis-placing their joints (Dapo Jie) or by dividing the tendons ( Fen Jin) using various joint locking techniques that use very little strength to apply that any women or girl can use to defend themselves.

Today no matter were you live, you could easily find yourself in a very threatening situation we’re a stranger, friend, work colleague or even a family member suddenly decides to attack you in your place of work, school, university, outdoors or in your own house. Maybe you find yourself alone with no one to step in and protect you and your assailant has grabbed you from behind, this is were you wished you had learnt some martial arts training to help give you the opportunity to escape from your assailants hold, and to then quickly and efficiently apply a devastating joint lock onto your assailant forcing them heavily onto the ground, were you can then subdue and control them or cause them serious damage.

Many females feel that they do not need to learn some basic self defence. Because they think an assault will never happen to themselves, and learning some self defence is a total waste of time, Until they are suddenly attacked. Within my classes I have heard many stories by women who have been attacked or found themselves in awkward situations that really frightened them and made them realise that they needed to learn self defence to protect themselves.

Learning the Li Style Qin Na-Kung Fu teaches females how to break free of many types of grips and holds and how to apply fast, practical joint locking techniques that need no amount of great strength to apply them. Once a women has managed to apply a finger lock for example on a much bigger Male they are surprised how quickly the Male becomes under their control through the pain inflicted by their finger locking technique and how little strength was used to effectively apply the technique. The Chinese hundred of years ago learnt how to manipulate the joints of the skeletal system to control and immobilise an aggressive person using very little strength that both a male or female could use to defend themselves against much bigger and stronger assailants.

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