LFIAA Li Style (Lishi) Energy Bodywork Massage System “Skilful Use Of The Supporting Hand” (Fu Shou Fa)

Anyone who has practiced massage, irrespective of what particular style of massage therapy one has studied will understand the importance of the “Supporting Hand” known in Chinese as (Fu Shou). The amount of times that I have seen beginner students and I must say some more experienced individuals, simply place one hand on the patient to work with, while their supposedly Fu Shou “Supporting Hand” was hanging by the sides of their body doing nothing, is really a lazy and very poor way to massage and treat a patient.

The Fu Shou “Supporting Hand” is used in the Lishi Energy Bodywork Massage System to help reassure, anchor, connect and work in unison with the primary hand (Jue Shou) to give the patient a quality based holistic treatment towards preventing or managing their particular ailment. Firstly the Fu Shou when it is placed anywhere on the patients body helps to reassure the patient by remaining in contact with them all of the time, helping the patient to relax and trust the practitioner while they are working using the primary hand. The Fu Shou should not become static by being held in one place on the patients body, it should be allowed to move around the whole of the body, remaining in contact and working in unison with the primary hand. Some times the Fu Shou “Supporting Hand” can suddenly change into the primary hand and vice-versa so it is important that it stays in contact.

Secondly the Fu Shou can be used to Anchor a limb to give the practitioner a better sense of control, while working on the joints & muscles of the same limb with the primary hand. It can also be used to cover a particular energy cavity (Qi Xue) to Anchor, ground, close or gather the patients energy (Qi) to the same energy cavity, while the primary hand is used to move and direct the patients Qi in the opposite direction, raising, lowering the Qi. The Fu Shou can also be used as an Anchor to traction the muscles, tendons, soft tissue and joints, while the primary hand is used to stretch in the opposite direction to help release tension and stiffness. It can be used to open the joints by using traction to allow fresh Qi and nutrients in the blood to enter into the spaces between the joints to nourish and strengthen, and to also exit and disperse stagnant sickly blood and blocked energy out.

Thirdly, the Fu Shou can also be used to connect to a particular Qi cavity (Qi Xue) along the same energy pathway, channel or meridian (Jingluo) on the patients body that the primary hand (Jue Shou) is also located on, but on another energy cavity along the same channel. Then using both the “Supporting Hand” (Fu Shou) and the “Primary Hand” (Jue Shou) to work in harmony in allowing the patient own Qi to travel the length of the energy pathway rising, lowering, entering or exiting the Qi to treat many types of ailments.

To use the “Supporting Hand” (Fu Shou) in a skilful manipulative way takes a lot of time and practice, especially in working in harmony with the “Primary Hand” switching and alternating from one hand to the other from supporting to being the primary hand without losing contact or control takes plenty of practice to develop.

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