LFIAA Feng Shou-Kung Fu “ Broadsword Two-Person Training Methods” (Dao Dui Lian Fa).

The Feng Shou-Kung Fu Broadsword (Dao) two-person training methods are not practiced by many practitioners. As they mainly concentrate on just going through the Broadsword form (Dao Shi) which covers just the basic Broadsword defensive and offensive techniques. Whereas, the real skill in using the Broadsword can be found within the two-person training methods (Dui Lian), such as the “Feng Shou Three Star Attack, Defend & Counter Methods” ( San Xing Da Wei Fan Fa). Which teaches the practitioner how to correctly use the Broadsword to block using various types of blocking techniques such as the inside and outside “Hanging Block” (Gua Dang) were the practitioner raises the Broadsword to block with the tip pointing towards the ground, or the inward and outward “Sweeping Block” ( Sao Dang) were the practitioner points the tip of the Broadsword upwards to block. As well as learning blocking methods the practitioner also learns how to attack with the Broadsword from various angles.

Because the Feng Shou Broadsword Three Star Principle Method is performed in an attack, defend & counter rhythm, at first it is taught using strict angles of attack and limited blocking techniques to gradually develop each practitioners skill level in developing their concentration, co-ordination, balance, timing, precision, accuracy, reactions, speed, strength and fitness. After a few years of practicing and covering all of the possible blocking and attacking angles, the Feng Shou-Kung Fu practitioner can then progress to the freestyle two-person training method.

Obviously, at any stage of the practitioners Three Star Principle weapon training. Each of the practitioners can apply various disarms, joint locking methods and takedowns into their Three Star Principle Broadsword two-person training methods. Bringing all aspects of their Feng Shou-Kung Fu training into full usage, so that the practitioner can become fully proficient with the Broadsword in its defensive and offensive fighting methods.

Simply practicing the Feng Shou Broadsword form, without also practicing the Broadsword two-person Three Star Principle Methods. Means that all of the basic defensive and offensive Broadsword techniques that one learns through the practice of the Broadsword form, cannot be brought to life and developed proficiently by each practitioner. Hence, all of the Broadsword techniques held within the Broadsword form become rigid and limited.

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