Lishi Wai Qi Sensitivity Exercises

Due to the popularity of Master Chee Soo’s energy work ( Wai Qi) teachings and demonstrations many individuals within the Li family Taijiquan, Daoyin and Dao Yoga classes all practice the many variations of feeling the sensations of their  own energy and their training partners energy when working as a pared practiced. Sadly some times these exercise are introduced to early to beginning students who have had little time to cultivate their own energy and are then expected to feel all the correct sensations that the teacher is telling them what they should be feeling.

I have seen many beginning student get very frustrated that they cannot feel their own energy (qi)  sensation when performing a Wai Qi exercise. I have learnt now not to introduce these types of energy work until each student as been practicing either Taijiquan or Daoyin cultivating exercises for at least a year. After a years study an individual should at least have the beginning sensations of energy movement  like tingling, warmth,fullness or a feeling of heaviness, once a student as these particular sensations (De Qi)  that’s when I introduce students tto the External energy work ( Wai Qi) exercises.

The practice of the external energy work (Wai Qi) exercises are important in judging a students development of strength of mindful intent (Yi) , strength of their own energy (qi) and there body alignment and movement. Everyone can practice cultivating energy, but how can you judge the strength of your energy development after years of Taijiquan or Daoyin practice, hence why we practice the many external energy work exercises. It’s the only way you can judge the strength development of your energy in being able to emitt your energy (Fa Jing) and to also receive, sense energy coming towards you from all directions.

My teacher Master Chee Soo taught both solo practices, plus partner and group exercises as a way to test each individual’s mind, body & energy strength. He would also mention that the essence of all of the Daoist arts that he taught where all about the cultivation, circulation and transformation of energy into spiritual development  ( Shen Gong). 


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