The Taiji Energetic Pole

No matter wether you study or practice Taiji/ Tai Chi, Qigong, Tui Na Bodywork,  Bagua, Xingyi or any other style of Chinese internal arts of health, healing or martial art they all involve the practice of correct body alignment to maintain and improve the circulation of your own internal energy ( Nei Qi).

Running directly through the centre of our body from the top of our head from the (Bai Hui) Spirits Door energy point (Qi Xue)  down to the (Hui Yin) Meeting Yin energy point which is located between our anus and testicles is an energetic line what we call the ” Taiji Pole”. On this Taiji Pole are found the three elixir energy centres ( Dan Tians) of the upper Dan Tian which is located in the head, the middle Dan Tian located in the chest and the lower Dan Tian located in the abdomen.

Plus the Taiji Pole also has three major energy channels that connect to it which are the Govenor channel ( Du Mai) which travels up the back from the tail bone to the roof of the mouth and is considered a Yang channel. The Conception channel travels from the tip of the tongue down the front of the body to the ( Hui Yin) energy point between the legs is considered a Yin channel. The third and properly the most important energy channel that is also connected to the Taiji Pole is known as the Thrusting channel (Zhong Mai) which travels directly between both the Governor  and Conception channels.

During our practice of Taijiquan, Qigong , Bodywork Massage or Gongfu any misalignment of our posture can greatly affect the smooth flow of internal energy around our body, especially through our Taiji Pole and into our extremities. The maintenance of an upright posture for the cultivation and circulation of energy is vital on many occasions I have come across many individuals who practice either Taijiquan or Qigong and simply over lean their torso forwards or side wards rather than maintaining  a good upright posture, another example is a student will turn their head side to side but will not turn their body from the waist, this can cause tension to develop in the back muscles  

 as the torso is held rigid. It is important to also turn the torso side to side to help stimulate the spinal column and the energy channels to fully activate the energy within the Taiji Pole.

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