Lishi Qin Na-Gongfu Seizing the Opportunity

The Chinese martial art known as “Qin Na” which means to seize & grasp. Is the Chinese equivalent to Aikido, and in actual fact is where Aikido came from. Qin Na Gongfu can be found in all styles of the Internal Martial Arts such as Taijiquan, Baguazhang and Liuhebafa as it is a sub-system that mainly covers the wrestling aspect of that particular style. Nowadays, Qin Na Has now become a system in its own right just like Aikido with many individuals seizing the Opportunity to study this Chinese martial art as a fast, practical and effective self defence system for today’s modern society. Watch the video link of Laoshi Keith Ewers demonstrating the Li style Qin Na-Gongfu below.

Practicing Qin Na Gongfu holds many benefits for both genders to learn.For women or young girls it will teach them how to escape from various holds and grips, as a women or girl is most likely to be attacked by being held, usually from behind. So it teaches them to develop their self awareness and self confidence in being able to protect themselves effectively and escape a violent situation. Whereas, for the men or boys it will teach them to defend themselves from punches and kicks and to apply fast takedowns that quickly take control of a violent situation by subduing or immobilising the attacker. Again it will also develop the males self confidence and self awareness in being able to adapt to a situation effectively.
The learning of Qin Na Gongfu is not just about accumulating a catalogue of joint locks. It is also about the learning of how to find the correct angle for your chosen joint lock to work efficiently. As a wrong angle on a joint lock could mean that you end up using to much strength, whereas, the correct angle allows you to use little strength and that is why Qin Na is so effective for women or girls to learn as it’s not about how big your muscles are. It’s about developing a high level skill in tactile manipulation using angles, leverage and compression techniques that can be used using minimum strength to protect yourself.



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