Internal Martial Arts for Women

What are the benefits that women can receive from practicing the Internal Martial Arts. We’ll other than developing their fitness, flexibility and self confidence. It’s will also improve and maintain their health throughout their life, as the Internal Martial Arts are about developing a more relaxed body and mind by learning to release muscle tension and stiffness out by correcting their posture and body alignment. Also with in its practice there is also Qigong and Neigong practice which is the practice of strengthening the body and mind through meditative guiding and leading the energy ( Qi) throughout the entire body.
Most martial arts today as mainly male dominated and are based upon strength verses strength contests. But the Traditional Chinese Internal Martial Arts is based upon using your opponents strength against themselves, which makes it more easier and more enjoyable to train alongside both genders. As the person who is the most strongest does not have an advantage. But the person who can develop their fast evasive footwork and skill in their martial art techniques of tactile manipulation, timing and accuracy will have an advantage.
I have seen many individuals join in our Internal martial Art classes and transform from a shy, quiet individual into a confident, positive and helpful person. As the Internal Martial Arts are not based upon competition or building a massive ego, they are based upon turning you into a more healthier, confident, stronger individual who is ready to take on the stresses and strains of their own lives. Most people who study the more harder or external martial art styles stop their training due to injury or age, as their body can no longer take the punishment of their chosen martial art. Whereas, the Internal Martial Arts can be practiced throughout your entire life, helping to keep your body and mind fit and strong.

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