Qigong for Women Embracing Yin & Holding Yang.

Participating in qigong for any women would be of great value and benefit towards balancing the state of their well being and health. As regular qigong practice can help to either control, manage or prevent various ailments that a women can suffer from such as, Menopause and it’s related side affects like night sweats, emotional mood swings. It can also help with other ailments like fibromyalgia, adrenal fatigue, back pain, sciatica, migraines weak leg strength, osteoporosis and much, much more.
The movements of qigong involve gentle, passive flowing movements that have a great effect on soothing the nervous system, releasing tension out of the muscles allowing a greater feeling of relaxation. Alongside the gentle actions, qigong also uses more vigorous and dynamic movements that stretches the tendons and ligaments, opening the joints of the body allowing the circulation to increase and flow without any restriction. The vigorous actions also help to disperse any blockages on a physical, emotional, mental and energetic level.
Qigong practice can give women more vitality, boosting their immune
system and improve their stamina and strength to fully enjoy their life. Through qigong ‘s deep breathing, movement and visualisation techniques any women or girl can change their outlook on life and become more
confident, happy and more in tune with themselves.
Qigong has even been taught to individuals who suffer with cancer to help them cope and recover from the intense treatment that many go through to help them fight against cancer. Qigong can be practiced from an early age right up into old age helping to maintain your well being and as a female who embraces Yin, help develop, build and hold onto their Yang promoting a long and healthy life.

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