Daoist Qigong “A Journey to all Wonders”

“Mystery of mysteries the doorway of all wonders” (Laozi Daodejing) I think properly the best mind and body system to come out of China is the practice of Qigong. This wonderful exercise is a great way for both young and old to maintain a balanced state of well being that keeps them active, happy and fully aware and connected to their physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual levels.
In our present day and time, there are many individuals who participate in very vigorous exercises like weight training, jogging or cycling etc. but very few maintain their exercise we’ll into their old age. Usually they change over to another sport discipline that is more gentler on their bodies. Unlike the practice of Qigong which you can practice and receive its benefits we’ll into your old age.
The ancient Chinese exercise of Qigong, which means “working with your own energy” has been known by many different names in China. such as (Daoyin) guiding & leading, (Neidan) internal alchemy, or (Neigong) inner discipline all of which expresses an holistic exercise that is there to develop the whole body and not just the physical.
The practice of Daoist Qigong will take the individual on a wondrous journey that will open many doors to their inner self, changing and transforming them into a positive, compassionate, happy and balanced individual. It’s combination of both passive and active movements can help them to slow down the ageing process, rejuvenate themselves with a supple and relaxed being that can cope better with the stresses and strains of a modern lifestyle.
I believe that the practice of Qigong is greatly needed in today’s society, as there are many individuals who could receive the many benefits towards improving their health and well being and their general outlook on life itself from regular practice and participation of Daoist Qigong.

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