LFIAA Li Style (Lishi) Qin Na-Kung Fu “ Finding The Correct Angles”.

When you see an advanced practitioner of the Li Style (Lishi) Qin Na-Kung Fu applying a certain joint locking method. They seem to make it look effortless, using very little strength to apply the joint lock and to then to use it control a much large individual. Whereas, when you see a beginner attempt to apply a certain joint lock, they seem to use a great amount of strength to apply the lock itself and they then struggle to use that same lock to control their training partner. The reason why this happens is that the more advanced practitioner of the Li Style Qin Na-Kung Fu has gained more experience in finding and using the correct angles to apply many typical joint locking methods that they have learnt from many years of dedicated practice. Making their joint locking techniques to become very fast, efficient and practical.

I often mentioned that to apply any of the Li Style Qin Na-Kung Fu joint locking methods does not take a great amount of physical strength. But rather a tremendous amount of tactile training that teaches you how to use correct skilful angles and leverages when applying any type of joint locking method. Once you have developed this ability to Stick, Adhere, Connect and Follow your opponents strength you can then place any particular joint lock on that you wish, but without the correct angle you will use a great amount of strength and if your opponent is much stronger than yourself then you will have a major problem to deal with.

Whereas, once you have learnt how to find the correct angle to apply a certain type of joint lock. Then you can fully control your opponent effortlessly without using a great amount of physical strength. Obviously it takes many months and years of dedicated training to develop this skill in being able to immediately find the correct angle that fully places your opponent into a very difficult situation we’re you can take them to the ground to subdue or immobilise them, or set them up for a much more heavier strike to a more vital area of their body.

Qin Na joint locking training within the Li (Lishi) Style comes under the Wrestling range of fighting. Which means that each practitioner must gradually learn how to develop their tactile manipulative skills to Stick, Adhere, Connect, Follow and Listen to the opponents strength, to then develop the natural and effortless skill of finding the correct angles to place any type of joint lock that uses very little strength to apply, but immediately places the opponent under control.


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