LFIAA (Lishi) Energy Bodywork Massage (Tui Na Qigong) “The Traction Method”

Although there are numerous amount of massage techniques within the Lishi Energy Bodywork Massage, there are only a few techniques that can actually and directly be used to work on the skeletal system. These particular techniques involve the grasping method (Na Fa) and the Pulling Method (Ba Fa). Obviously these two techniques can be used to gently stretch and open the joints of the upper and lower extremities to allow fresh Qi and blood to enter in between the joints and remove any stagnated blood and blocked Qi that has accumulated in the area due to lack of exercise, injury or illness.

As seen in the accompanying photo that comes with this blog, the practitioner is using a grasping/squeezing technique on the patients wrist which he then gradually begins to pull towards himself causing a tractions within the patients wrist and elbow joints. Very slowly the practitioner then begins to add a little more strength in his Pulling technique so that the traction’s begin to effect the patients shoulder joint and gradually moves upwards towards their scapular and thoracic joints of their spinal column. Not only does the traction and Pulling methods increase fresh blood and nutrients into the space between the joint to help heal and strengthen. They can also be used to release muscle tension within the muscles and tendons that surrounds the joints of the whole arm, again increasing both blood and Qi circulation.

Irrespective of what part of the body the practitioner decides to use either the grasping or pulling technique to cause a stretching, opening, traction of the patients skeletal system, they can then combine other Energy Bodywork massage techniques to subtly cause a change within the patients own Qi to either rise, lower, gather, spread throughout their entire body. For example once 5he practitioner takes a hold of the patients wrist and begins to traction the muscles, tendons & joints within the arm he is holding. He can then begin to do gently add vibrations which will cause waves of Qi to travel through the length of the arm, passing through the spinal column and down into the feet gently invigorating the patients own Qi to flow.


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