Lishi Qin Na Eight Energies (Ba Jing)


Within the practice of the Lishi Qin Na (seizing & Grasping) system, there are eight key words that are used to give a student a better understanding of becoming more proficient within this particular Chinese martial art.
These key words are known as (Ba Jing) or the eight energies that are used to seize & grasp the attacker to either subdue.or immobilise them. The key words are:
1. Ward Off (Peng Jin)
2.Pressing (An Jin)
3. Squeezing (Ji Jin)
4. Grasping (Cai Jin)
5. Rollback (Lu Jin)
6. Bending (Wan Jin)
7. Twisting (Ning Jin)
8. Shaking (Zhen Jin)
Alongside the practice of the eight energies you will also need to learn how to stick and adhere to the attackers striking limb and then learn how to listen for his or her response once you have attached yourself to his or her limb and then apply a successful joint lock.
The eight energies can all be used to apply Qin Na joint locking techniques and they are used to give each student a sense of style, other Chinese martial arts that practice joint locks will also have their own version of the eight energies key words which suits their own style.