LFIAA Taiji Qigong Exercises “ The Health Related Benefits From Its Practice”.

Because of the current situation that we all find ourselves in with the Covid 19 Virus disrupting our lives. Many individuals have turned to the study and practice of the taiji qigong exercises to help then manage and control various health problems that they are suffering with. There have been plenty of scientific tests on the benefits of practicing taiji qigong exercises by various country’s like China, America, Germany and Australia and their testing has found that there are many benefits that individuals can receive from regular taiji qigong practice. For example it can benefit arthritis, osteoporosis, falls syndrome, heart disease, hypertension, chronic fatigue etc.

Mentally, the practice of taiji qigong can help individuals who suffer with depression, anxiety and tension to gradually relax, calm and still their minds enough so that they can begin to enjoy their life, family and friends once more. Obviously, it can be frustrating as it can take a longtime before individuals can begin to receive these benefits, but with dedication and perseverance they can achieve a level of wellbeing from the practice of taiji qigong.

On a physical level for those who are suffering with muscular tension, cramps and spasm that can lead towards suffering with sciatica, or those who suffer with joint stiffness which can affect their blood pressure, which can also cause headaches and migraines with many individuals. Then through the soft, gentle stretching actions of the taiji qigong exercises, the individuals muscular tension can be released, improving the individuals ability to feel more relaxed and help in balancing the blood pressure, by improving the circulation. This in turn can help in easing the headaches and migraine attacks that many individuals also suffer with from muscular tension being trapped in their body. By gently opening the joints through the movements of the taiji qigong exercises, stiffness and pain within the joints is relieved, allowing for a better range of mobility, easing any trapped nerves like the sciatic nerve that may be squeezed by the individuals accumulated muscular tension and joint stiffness.

The regular practice of taiji qigong holds many benefits for individuals who are suffering from various ailments. The exercises can be used by individuals to manage and cope better, gaining a little control over their ailment that allows them to live as normal life as they possibly can. Another great benefit of practising the taiji qigong exercises is that they can be performed in the comfort of the home, either in-doors or out-doors to help maintain & improve each individuals health and wellbeing.


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