LFIAA Li Family Daoist Yoga Form. (Lijia Kaimen Daoyin).

For the hundreds of individuals who study and practice the Li Family’s arts of health, healing, meditation and martial art. For many practitioners, especially in our present time and properly over the last forty years give or less a few, only know that the practice of the Li Family’s Dao Yoga Exercises are performed alongside the Li Style Taijiquan. But the Dao Yoga is in its self a whole system on its own that was originally taught separately, from the other arts that made up the full Li Family system. The Dao Yoga consisted of sitting, lying and standing exercises that were taught using a (Yin) Sequence, Passive Set and a (Yang) Extension, Dynamic Set. Daoyin Breathing Exercises that we’re made up of eight (Yin) breathing methods, eight (Yang) breathing methods and four (Yin/Yang) breathing methods. Alongside all this there was also the Qi Sensitivity Exercises and Daoist Meditation Practice’s.

As my teacher Master Chee Soo would often mention. Each of the individual disciplines that make the whole of the Li Family’s Arts all compliment each other and are connected to each other. Hence, why practicing the Dao Yoga can greatly benefit those who study the Li Style Feng Shou-Kung Fu, as the stretching exercises can greatly help in developing each practitioners flexibility and mobility, allowing them to move quicker, strike and kick faster due to releasing muscular tension and joint stiffness that can accumulate within the body. For those who study and practice the Li Family’s Push & Pull Bodywork Massage, the practice of Dao Yoga can help to develop their body alignment, concentration and of cause their Qi cultivation and circulation. So that they can connect to the patients Qi with their own and be able to guide & lead it anywhere within the patients body to treat a wide range of ailments.

Sadly today. Many individuals only contact with the Li Family’s Daoist Yoga is to perform one or two of its exercise during a Li Style Taijiquan class. We at the LFIAA still practice the full system of the Li Family’s Daoist Yoga discipline separately on its own with its Daoyin breathing exercises and Daoist Meditation practice as taught to us by Master Chee Soo. This helps to keep the whole discipline alive and to keep its own originality as an important discipline that makes up the whole of the Li Family’s Arts (Lijia Shu).

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