LFIAA Li Family Six Healing Sounds Daoyin. “The (Ha) Sound For The Heart” (Lijia Liu Zi Jue Daoyin).

It was at the end of the 1970’s that I attend a Friday evening course n the Li Style Daoist Yoga (Kaimen Daoyin) which was held in Cwmbran, South Wales. We went through a series of Dao Yoga Sitting & Standing Exercises that stretched the tendons and muscles, opened the joints to increase the circulation. Then after the Dao Yoga Master Chee Soo taught us the Six Healing Sounds Daoyin Exercises (Lijia Liu Zi Jue Daoyin). For which I never saw him teach these same exercise ever again, on any Daoist Yoga or Taijiquan course that I ever attended.

The Six Healing Sound to regulate the Qi within the Heart is the (Ha) sound. The sound can be made non-vocalised (Quiet) or it can be made vocalised, the non-vocalised being more (Yin) is used to strengthen and nourish the organ, whereas, the vocalised (Loud) sound is more (Yang) and is used to dredge and clean any blocked or stagnant Qi out, for example if there is to much heat being accumulated within the Heart, it can cause some individuals to become emotionally over excited, even hysterical which can lead to hypertension, palpitations and heart problems. Practicing the Six Healing Sound for the Heart can help to release this accumulation of heat and disperse the blocked Qi, which will lower the heart rate and bring calmness to each individual emotionally.

For those who suffer with a lot of stress within their lives. Practicing the Six Healing Sounds Daoyin can greatly benefit in helping to release the tension, anxiety and stress that has built up. Especially for those individuals who suffer from emotional and mental problems due to the stress that they are suffering under. you can either just sit or stand and perform the sounds without any of the physical actions, obviously with lots of repetition or you can combine the sounds with the physical movements that corresponds with each of the Six Healing Sounds. The actual physical movements for each of the sounds which are targeting the internal organs (Zangfu) of the Heart, Spleen, Liver, Lungs, Kidneys will work the soft tissues like the tendons, muscles, fascia and skin that surround each organ and gently begin to massage each organ helping to either tonify or disperse the accumulation of sickly Qi to improve the regulation of each organ to maintain over-al health and wellbeing.

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