LFIAA Yang Style Taijiquan “Rooster Stands On One Leg Qigong” Exercise. ( Xiong Zhan Yi Tui Shi)

Many styles of taijiquan have “The Rooster Stands On One Leg Posture” or exercise within their sequences and individual exercises, some use other names such as “Golden Cockerel Raise It’s Leg” Or the “Crane Stands On One Leg” etc. As an individual taiji qigong exercise the “Rooster Stands On One Leg” helps to strengthen the muscles, tendons and bones of the legs, it also works the core muscles to help improve each individuals balance.

The five components of the whole body the Legs, Torso, Arms, Breathing and Concentration all have to be actively involved in the exercise. Obviously the whole exercise is performed slowly with the breathing dictating the actual speed that each individual performs the entire exercise, there should be no sudden change of speed, such as lifting the leg slowly, but placing the foot back onto the ground much faster, the lifting and lowering of the foot must be at the same speed.

The movement of the both arms draw alternating sidewards circles which are generated from the shoulders (Jian), which gently opens (Kai) and closes (He). So that the individual can also feel the scapular moving gently away from the spine, stretching the soft tissues of the upper back to release any stuck tension that has accumulated in the area. Whereas, the raising and lowering of the legs also draw alternating sidewards circles that are generated from the the hips (Kua) opening and closing the hip joints to stretch the soft tissues around the hips and lower back to improve flexibility and to release any muscular tension and joint stiffness.

As an individual exercise the “Rooster Stands On One Leg” can be performed within a small confined area, just slowly and smoothly raising and lowering the arms and legs at the same time and speed. Or it can be performed as a walking taiji qigong exercise by simply taking a few steps forwards and then turning around to walk back in the opposite direction. The slower the individual can perform the exercise the more stronger the connections between the mind, body & breath will develop to benefit their health, fitness and wellbeing.

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