LFIAA Kunlun Qigong For Mind, Body, Spirit Health & Wellbeing.

For those thousands of people who regularly practice their Kunlun Qigong exercises like the Wild Goose Qigong or the Swimming Dragon Qigong to help maintain and improve their health, fitness and wellbeing. Can receive so much benefit towards developing a much calmer mind and relaxed supple body, especially in our present time with so many suffering from the coved-19 virus. As for many this particular period of time can be very worrying and stressful for so many individuals and family’s.

Simply spending some personal time each day to practice some of the gentle, flowing Kunlun Qigong exercises can really help many individuals to release the mental anxiety and tension of being locked inside the house for many hours. The exercises can be performed indoors or outdoors, I much prefer to practice outdoors as it allows me to connect to nature, if you have a garden to practice in or maybe a park close by to were you live, then practicing outdoors in the warm sun can be really exhilarating and at the same time very relaxing, listening to the birds singing and the warm wind blowing through the trees can be very therapeutic for the mind, body and spirit.

Through the practice of the Kunlun Qigong passive and vigorous movements and especially its dynamic stretching actions that can help to release stuck tension within the soft tissues of the bodies skin, fascia, tendons and muscles. Opening the joints of the body to allow fresh blood and Qi to enter and exit the more turbid, sickly blood and Qi that has accumulated between the joints out. Through the stretching actions of the Kunlun Qigong the body becomes more lighter and relaxed, the blood and Qi circulation is increased giving each individual more vitality.

Practicing the Kunlun Qigong exercises can also help to maintain and improve each persons coordination, concentration, balance, mobility and breathing. Anyone of any age can greatly benefit from the regular practice of the Kunlun Qigong exercises allowing them to look after their own mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing.

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