LFIAA Taiji Qigong Practice “Meditative Exercise To Strengthen Mind, Body & Spirit”

Many types of people from all over the world are practicing the taiji qigong standardised exercises for many, many reasons. Some are practicing them to help in developing their relaxation levels, some are practicing to remain fit, some for developing their flexibility, some for improving their balance and some to maintain their health and wellbeing.

As each individual begins to develop more discipline and skill in their practice of the taiji qigong exercise to unify the five components of their whole body together, and to begin to really slow down their actions of each of the taiji qigong exercises, deepening their breathing so that the whole practice becomes more a “Moving Meditation” exercise that combines the mind, body and breath together, rather than just the individual focusing just on the physical movements that involve sudden changes of speed.

To develop the breathing that dictates the over-al speed to each of the taiji qigong exercises, takes a lot of dedicated practice by each individual to gradually begin to slow their actions, this means more regular practice on a daily basis and not just once a week. Sadly not many individuals will sacrifice the time and effort to attain this level of Meditative exercise, many will just attain a very basic level of its practice. But for those who do strive to improve their skill in the practice of each of the taiji qigong exercise will in time reap the rewards of their effort in developing a stronger mind & body. Many will notice that they don’t suffer with colds and influenza or such things as hypertension, aches and pains as it is through the regular practice of their taiji qigong that strengthens their over-al health and wellbeing.

I have mentioned this many times to my own students and in many articles that I have written. That each of the taiji qigong exercise are very easy to learn, but very hard to master. To many individuals are happy to practice the taiji qigong exercise and not really pay any attention to the accuracy and quality of each of the exercises, sadly these certain individuals will only get very little benefit from their Practice. For example, many practice the exercises to improve their ability to relax their body, but due to poor attention to the accuracy and quality of the movements, they actually accumulate more tension and stiffness into their body than what they started with, which in-turn will affect their circulation, lowering their energy levels and weakening their immune system. As with each of the taiji qigong exercises there is a correct way to practice them and there is a wrong way to practice them.

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