LFIAA Daoist Boxing Li Style Feng Shou-Kung Fu “ Applying The Eight Methods To Powerful Kicking Methods” (Ba Fa Jiao Liu Fa)

In the Internal Daoist Martial Art of the Li Style Feng Shou-Kung Fu there is a tremendous amount of kicking combinations that an individual can practice and combine with their defensive & offensive hand methods (Shou Fa). But no matter what particular kick you decide to use is not going to be any good if you cannot issue any power into the kick. Traditional all of the foot flow kicking methods that are practiced are meant to be directed towards the opponent from the waist downwards, so targeting their groin, joints, muscles, nerves and Qi cavities (Qixue).

Within the LFIAA Daoist Boxing system of the Li Style Feng Shou-Kung Fu we use the Eight Body Methods (Ba Shen Fa) to help generate more power into the kicking methods. The first of the Eight Body Methods that is taught to students is how to use correct footwork (Bu Fa) to add momentum, weight, distance, timing, accuracy. The second principle that is taught is “Turning” (Zhuan) learning how to rotate various parts of the body to add more velocity to the kick, and more bodyweight behind the kick to increase the power, third principle is Open & Close (Kai He) to open and close the joints for better mobility to deliver the appropriate kicking angle to issue the power.

Learning the Eight Body Methods can help to develop effective and practical, fast kicking methods that on their own can easily finish a confrontation. In the study and practice of the Daoist Boxing system of the Li Style Feng Shou-Kung Fu we have a saying “ The hands are used to open the doors, but it is the feet that helps to finish the fight”. Alongside skilful hand methods and effective kicking techniques the practitioner of the Li Style Feng Shou-Kung Fu become a formidable opponent.

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