LFIAA Li Style Feng Shou-Kung Fu “Practicing Its Many Different Types Of Kicks“

Many beginners who are starting their journey in the study and practice of the martial arts are usually brought into it because they have seen a movie or a tv programme of people doing high spectacular aerial kicking techniques. there are some Chinese kung fu styles that are well known for their kicking ability like the Northern Shaolin Kung Fu styles who advocate both high kicking and aerial kicking techniques. Today many individuals are brought into the more sporting types of martial arts like taekwondo and tang Soo do Korean karate styles because they use both aerial and high kicking techniques.

But in the Chinese Internal Martial Arts (IMA) like the Li Style Feng Shou-Kung Fu. We mainly advocate in using kicks that target the opponents body from the waist down, as we find this to be very practical, fast and effective as the lowline kicking methods can also used in combination with both defensive and offensive hand methods (Shou Fa). In the practice of the Li Style Daoist Boxing system of Feng Shou-Kung Fu we use eight basic kicking methods which are Stamping, Swinging, Springing, Chopping, Hooking, Knocking, Sweeping, Scooping.

These eight kicking methods can be used in a wide range of different combinations alongside each other, but mostly in combination with such techniques as striking, joint locking, or throwing techniques. It is very rare for a practitioner of the Daoist Boxing Style of Feng Shou-Kung Fu to just use kicks on their own, but to use them to enter into the opponents space, so as to bridge the gap between the both of you. Or we can use the kicking methods to finish off the opponent with some serious heavy kicks targeting vital areas of the opponents lower body area.

The basic foot flow training (Jiben Jiao Liu Dong Pei Fa) Exercises that are taught to students introduces them to the basic eight kicking methods (Ba Jiben Jiao Fa). Each student pairs off with a training partner (Pei Lian) facing each other and both takes turn in delivering their foot flow patterns towards each other, both training partners will perform the same kicking methods, but can vary the speed, power and height of delivering the kick. Learning to practice the many foot flow training patterns combinations in this particular way, teaches each student to develop their agility, flexibility, coordination, concentration, timing, accuracy, precision and their awareness to control the fighting distance.

Learning to develop a good self awareness about finding the correct fighting distance, especially when working on how to fully utilise the basic eight kicking methods against an opponent is very important if you want your kicking methods to be really effective. Within the many kicking or foot flow patterns that a student will be taught in the Daoist boxing style of Feng Shou-Kung Fu, there are two fighting ranges where these kicking methods can be used, knowing when to use the correct kick at the appropriate distance is the difference between successfully protecting yourself or getting seriously hurt. Long range kicking methods are were you can reach your opponent with your feet, but are out of range of their strikes. Close range kicking methods are were you can reach your opponent with your knees and hips and are well within their hand punching range.

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