LFIAA Taiji Qigong For Mental Health & Wellbeing.

Over this strange period of time where we are all locked down due to the Covid-19 Virus. We cannot travel to the beach or go for a long walk in the mountains or even visit family and friends, it can all take a very heavy strain on our mental health, especially if you are on your living on your own as there are so many who do. At this period of time we need to occupy ourselves by doing chores around the house that need to be done, begin learning a language that you have always wanted to try and learn and obviously get involved with some type of physical activity to maintain your fitness, health and wellbeing.

This is were the practice and study of the Standardised Taiji Qigong Exercises can be of great benefit for thousands of people. As these particular exercises are very easy to learn, but can take a longtime for each individual to master them, as they hold a tremendous amount of information. But they are very beneficial and individuals can immediately gain great benefits from them within a few practice sessions. Not only will they increase your flexibility and strengthen your muscles and tendons, they will also improve your ability to balance, coordinate your upper and lower extremities together in a more controlled manner, improve your breathing by being able to breath deeper, longer, slower which will increase your concentration.

But the most important aspect to the practice of the Taiji Qigong exercise is how it greatly benefits each person’s mental health. Because the movements are coordinated with the breathing and all the actions are performed slowly, gradually allows both the mind & body to relax as the whole exercise transforms into a meditative exercise, were the individual is fully focused on timing their movements with the breath, plus opening and closing the joints and learning to move the whole body ad one complete unit without any sudden changes of speed or no isolated movements. If each individual can reach this stage of mental focus, then no thoughts of worry, anxiety, frustration, irritability, fear or sadness should enter. Their mind is empty and free of thoughts and the chaos of the constant chatter going on in their mind. At last they can relax and allow the mind to rest.

Sadly to many individuals who practice the Taiji Qigong exercises have a tendency to move to fast in their actions of each exercise. This sudden feeling of speeding up the movements is were the mind of the individual has become full of thoughts that causes them to feel anxiety and tension. As I have already mentioned above each of the Taiji Qigong exercises are easy to learn, but very hard to master. The more slower the individual can perform their exercises with the breathing the more the mind as to concentrate, gradually beginning to become more calm and still inside, until each individual can achieve the level of balancing “Stillness Within Their Motions”. Once they can reach this level then their mind will be free of the chaos and will always rest in serenity (Ping Jing).


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