LFIAA Yang Style Taijiquan “Parting The Horses Mane Posture” (Yuma Fenzong Shi)

One of the most popular postures of the Yang Style Taijiquan is the “Parting The Horses Mane Posture” (Yema Fenzong Shi). It can be practiced as a either a standing post exercise (Zhan Zhuang Qigong), or it can be practiced as a standing moving exercise (Jing Qigong), or it can be performed as a moving, stepping exercise (Dong Qigong). Most people practice the Parting The Horses Mane Posture as part of learning the Traditional Yang Style Taijiquan Forms, not many practice this particular exercise on its own as a separate exercise which is excellent for cultivating the Qi towards strengthening each persons health and wellbeing.

The circular actions that are involved within the practice of the Parting The Horses Mane Posture are horizontal and vertical circles draw by each individual. The whole actions are guided and led by the turning action of the waist which strengthens the core muscles and gently stretches the muscles of the back and spinal column. In the actions of the both arms, one arm sweeps upwards and across the body, while the opposite hand gently press downwards alongside the hip. The top hands palm faces upwards towards heaven and the bottom, lower hands palm face downwards towards the earth, hence in a Yin & Yang positions.

The upwards sweeping arm actions uses the two energies of Ward Off (Peng) which is an expanding type of energy that moves away from the individuals body. Whereas, the Splitting (Lie) energy uses a separating, dividing, sweeping action across the body as if to brush past someone or an object. The lowering hand uses a Pressing (An) type of energy to compress something downwards towards the ground to help lower the individuals centre of gravity to allow them to sink into the earth for better stability, root and strength.

Because of its large, circular flowing movements which are a recognisable characteristic of the Yang Style Taijiquan. Which can obviously be seen in the practice of the Parting The Horses Mane Posture (Yema Fenzong Shi) Helps to develop flexibility within the soft tissues of the body such as the muscles, tendons and fascia. It also gently stretches the joints to release stuck tension and stiffness that may have become stuck within the joints and muscles affecting the blood, lymph and Qi circulation. These large circular actions of the Yang Style Taijiquan helps to maintain a more relaxed and supple body to improve or maintain health, fitness and wellbeing.


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