LFIAA Li Style (Lishi) Feng Shou-Kung Fu. Developing Power In Your Poison Hand Striking Methods. (Du Shou Fajin Fa).

For every practitioner who practices and studies the Chinese Internal Martial Art (IMA) of the Li Style Feng Shou-Kung Fu system. It is through their regular and dedicated training that allows them to develop the ability to issue power (Fajin) into their poison hand striking methods, this is applied by learning how to use correct body mechanics (Shen Fa) that allows each practitioner to connect their whole bodies Kinetic power together that starts in the feet, travels upwards through the legs to the waist, were it is then guided through the torso, shoulders and into the hands and fingers in a smooth, fully connected and skilful way to release the power into the poison hand striking methods (Du Shou Da Fa).

Usually there are three striking methods combined together in every poison hand striking set. The first striking method is going to be the most strongest of the three striking methods, as it is applied with a long attack ladder step (Chang Ti Bu) allowing for the whole bodyweight to be placed behind the first strike, which doubles in its power as the practitioners speeds up their whole body as it moves towards it intended target. The second and third striking methods must then immediately follow up quickly to their intended targets on the opponents body using both rotational and spiralling circular actions of the hips, waist, shoulders and arms, which is known as “Reeling Silk Work” (Chansigong) within the Chinese Internal Martial Arts.

Developing correct body mechanics to be able to issue power into every poison hand strike that every practitioner uses, must be the ultimate aim of every practitioner. As with out being able to issue power into each of the poison hand strikes will make them useless in their application to defend oneself from an aggressive and more powerful opponent. The five components of the whole body as to be interconnected the stepping (Bu), the torso (Shen), the hands (Shou), the intention (Yi) and breathing (Xi).

Using the eight body methods (Ba Shen Fa) such as stepping, weight shifting, body rotation, twisting, rolling, whipping, opening and closing in the actions of practicing the poison hand striking methods will greatly enhance the body mechanics in being able to issue power (Fajin) into each of the strikes. To make the poison hand striking methods effective, each practitioner has to learn how to develop correct body mechanics in being able to guide and lead the whole bodies power that is generated through skilful body mechanics into each strike.


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