LFIAA Wild Goose “Rushes Across The Grass Qigong” Exercise. ( Dayan Bu Dui Mian Cao Gong)

The wild goose qigong posture or exercise known as the “Goose rushes across the grass” is an excellent exercise to develop and improve each individuals balance, but more importantly it can help to remove blood stasis and blockages of Qi within the veins, artery’s and energy channels (Jingluo) of the lower extremities to increase the blood, lymph and Qi circulation into the legs and feet.

The exercise involves the use of gentle patting (Pai) using the both hands to pat the both knees while taking several steps forwards. The patting is used to send a gentle vibration (Zhen) into the knee joints, muscles and tendons to release stuck tension within the soft tissues that may affect the flow of blood and Qi. It also warms the knees to ease any stiffness that may have developed within them over a long period of time. Alongside the patting of the both hands, once the knee as been patted the same leg will gentle flick forwards, as if flicking or shaking water off the toes. This flicking, shaking action of each leg has to be performed in a relaxed, gentle and soft manner, with no tensing or stiffening up of the muscles and joints of the legs.

The flicking, shaking action of the legs alongside the use of the both hands to pat the knees. Sends a deep vibration into the joints, muscles, tendons and bones of the lower extremities to help remove any blood stagnation or blockages of Qi that may have accumulated due to lack of exercise, injury, illness or poor working conditions, like having to sit at a desk or drive a vehicle for many long hours. The goose rushes across the grass is really beneficial for individuals who suffer poor circulation and suffer with coldness in the legs and feet.

The flicking action of the feet can also help to remove any trauma that lays deep within the individuals emotions, such as grief, fear and anger, obviously it can take many hours, days, weeks and months for this deep trauma to manifest itself to the surface and to gradually be released. The exercise can also help to ease any mental anxiety, tension, stress and depression that can effect each person’s health, allowing for them to feel more relaxed and calm inside. The wild goose qigong exercise “the goose rushes across the grass” can be repeated as many times as the individual wants to help them maintain and improve their health and wellbeing.


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