LFIAA Developing Qi Sensitivity & Awareness Through The Practice Of Taijiquan, Kung Fu, Qigong & Meditation.

Irrespective of what particular mind, body & spirit discipline that you are practicing as part of the curriculum that is taught by the LFIAA it be for health, self healing, self defence or spiritual cultivation you will need to develop your own self awareness and sensitivity to the cultivation, circulation and strength of your Qi as you perform your holistic exercises. Usually many individuals only focus on the physical aspects of their taijiquan, kung fu, qigong and meditational practice, mainly working on developing their coordination, balance, accuracy, timing, precision and correct body alignment.

Even when individuals are performing their slow taijiquan or qigong movements, some are oblivious to the awareness of their Qi moving inside of themselves, only focusing on the outside, physical actions. Developing sensitivity to the mobilising of their Qi within themselves is a very important aspect to the study and practice of taijiquan and qigong, but obviously to all of the mind, body & spirit disciplines that are taught within the LFIAA.

Developing a calm and still mind, alongside a relaxed body through the practice of your holistic discipline, will gradually allow each individual to feel the movement of their Qi. Such as feeling and sensing warmth, tingling, heaviness, lightness, fullness and even movement as their perform their actions. Coordinating the breathing with the slow, soft movements can help to focus each individuals mind, and it is the development of a concentrated mind that will allow the individual to feel and connect to their own Qi, and in time be able to guide and lead their Qi in any direction inside of themselves to refine and transform their Jing, Qi and Shen.

For those who practice the internal martial arts for self defence that we teach as part of the LFIAA Curriculum. Then it is also very important that you can also connect to your own Qi development, being able to become sensitive and aware of its movement deep inside your body can help to give more power and strength to your defensive and offensive fighting methods. Cultivating and circulating the Qi is a great part of internal martial arts training, again, sadly to many individuals seem to only focus on the physical training and not on working both mind & body together at the same time. Learning to harness and mobilise your Qi within the internal martial arts training will not just give power to your techniques, it will also strengthen your health and give you longevity.

Learning to develop your Qi sensitivity and awareness in your mind, body & spirit disciplines is the essence of what these arts are all based upon. As (energy) Qi is all around us and passes through us every second of the day and night, it allows us to connect to ourselves, to nature, to the universe and to the Dao.


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