LFIAA Li Style Feng Shou-Kung Fu “ Short Spear Form” (Duan Qiang Shi).

Within the LFIAA Li Style Feng Shou-Kung Fu as taught Laoshi Keith Ewers the weapons taught as part of this internal family martial art are the Staff (Gun), Sabre (Dao), Straight Sword (Zheng Jian), Walking Stick (Zhang), Three Sectional Whip (San Duan Bian) Dagger (Bi Shou), Belt/Sash (Dai) and the Spear (Qiang). My teacher Master Chee Soo would like to teach to his students much longer weapon forms that sadly many did not complete, as it took so long to cover the many weapons that he taught as part of the Li Style (Lishi) Feng Shou-Kung Fu. Whereas, we at the LFIAA have chosen to only teach a shorter version of each weapon form, but they are packed with many two-person defensive and offensive training exercises.

As for the Spear work (Qiang Fa) a student has to learn the Staff (Gun) before they can progress to the Spear training. As the focus of the Staff is on both ends of the Staff, whereas, the Spear mainly focuses on the Spear point to stab, cut, hook and coil. The Spear form that we teach within the LFIAA Li Style Feng Shou-Kung Fu is packed with two-person defensive and offensive training exercises, has it is these particular two-person fighting exercises that brings the Spear applications alive and develops the practitioners skill to handle the weapon proficiently.

Obviously the Spear has its own unique fighting techniques that are different to the way the Staff is used. Each practitioner has to learn these sometimes difficult techniques to give the Spear its own particular style, learning the Feng Shou-Spear Form helps to teach every practitioner the basic, intermediate and advanced Spear fighting techniques that are found within the form itself. That is why learning the Spear form is so important for every student to learn and practice to improve the quality of their Spear techniques.

One of the reasons why I much prefer to teach shorter weapon forms, rather than the more traditional longer forms that were taught to me by my teacher Master Chee Soo. Is that every student can learn a particular weapon form that is taught within the LFIAA Feng Shou-Kung Fu within a year or two. Rather than taking five or ten years or more to fully complete the form, the shorter weapon forms allow the student to learn a complete weapon form in a much shorter time period, allowing for the student to then practice and improve their over-al skill and development of that particular weapon.

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